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What is JJ8 Elite...

A revolutionary 8 WEEK FAT LOSS PROGRAMME unlike anything you have tried before. Diets typically work against your current lifestyle, JJ8 Elite does the opposite.

The backbone of the programme is your personalised, custom diet plan with smart food lists and no calorie counting. It allows social flexibility while delivering incredible results.

Weeks 4 and 8 of your programme are BOOST WEEKS. These are weeks carefully designed to help reset the body, address sugar cravings, stop food binging and drop some serious fat!

Optional 8 week exercise programme updated every 2 weeks, a private FB Support Group, direct contact with your own Personal Trainer by Text or Messenger, daily challenges and educational quizzes and LOADS MORE….

PLUS you receive a brand new video every morning straight to your phone with daily support, an education topic, tips on coping strategies, motivation techniques and more. You are going to be blown away with the amount of stuff you will learn, and the results you can achieve.

What Can I Expect In 8 Weeks...

It may not seem long but it’s enough for a COMPLETE RESET. If you’ve struggled with dieting for years that’s exactly what you need!

FAT LOSS. How much will depend on a number of factors but your plan will be designed to get you the most your body is capable of in 8 weeks.

FOOD RELATIONSHIP. Understanding what does and doesn’t help your body achieve and maintain a slim physique. Learning to view food as a tool not a crutch.

UNHEALTHY HABITS. Physically and mentally. Sugar, carb binging, late night snacking, nightly drinking, we will teach you coping strategies for all of these and more.

EXERCISE. Learning what does, and doesn’t, work for your body. Developing routines and habits that are time and results efficient.

Personal Diet Plan

Personalised food lists to keep it simple. No calorie counting. We tell you how much you can have from each list, not what, so you only eat what you like. You can still have a life and socialise with your friends, within reason! It’s less about recipes and more about food combining!

Workout Plans

Home, Gym or Kettlebell based. Designed for ALL abilities and focused purely on fat loss and fitness. They’ve been designed by Personal Trainers to get you the results you want in the shortest time possible. Home workouts require NO special kit. If you can’t exercise at all, no problem.

Daily Videos

Every morning you’ll receive a new video straight to your phone giving you instructions for the day and educating you on different aspects of nutrition, exercise and dieting. At around 4 minutes long, they’re designed to empower you with knowledge, keep you focused and hold you accountable.

Daily Challenges & Quizzes

These are small challenges and educational quizzes to keep you focused and motivated throughout your 8 weeks. They could be exercise, nutrition or lifestyle based and are designed to introduce you to powerful dieting strategies putting YOU back in control of your eating and increase your nutritional knowledge.

Plan Updates

Every fortnight you will receive new workouts to follow to keep your body alert and burning fat. Weeks 4 & 8 are BOOST WEEKS and at the half way mark we will update your diet plan as well to ensure that the results you get at the 8 week finish are nothing short of incredible.

Amazing Support

Membership of our private JJ8 Elite Facebook Group where you can stay motivated, see meal ideas and chat with other members. You also have direct Text/Messenger contact with your own Personal Trainer, with replies usually in minutes.

Who will be my coach?

Your coaches will be James and Tracey. Both highly experienced Personal Trainers and Nutrition Coaches who between them have helped thousands of clients achieve unbelievable results. Both Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainers, and really nice people.

Minimum Requirements

Not a lot…

  • Ideally you will be on Facebook but that’s not essential
  • You must not currently be pregnant or have a diagnosed eating disorder
  • You will need access to a printer
  • You will need some digital food scales

And that’s it.

Expect To Lose

Honestly, we can’t tell you. It depends on your commitment to the plan and your starting situation. The more you have to lose, the more you WILL lose, but those of you quite lean already can expect phenomenal results in tone, shape and definition.

The current 8 week record stands at 44 POUNDS lost

Fussy Eater

Not a problem. We are going to teach you how to control your own food choices so you can include the foods you like to eat while still burning fat. You will NOT have to eat ANYTHING you don’t want to, and there are NO calories to count.


We will ask you to take a multivitamin, omega oil and probiotic each day. That’s it.

Do I have To Do Exercise?

No you don’t. If you hate, or are unable to exercise simply let us know when you complete your joining questionnaire and we will write your plan for you taking that into account. We even have dedicated workouts for members with knee issues.

I Have A Holiday Booked?

We will provide you with the JJ8Elite Holiday Guide, so you can make sensible choices while away and still remain on track.

Can I Socialise?

Of course, life has to go on. We are going to teach you how to successfully diet, drop fat and STILL live a life. Your food lists include some treats and alcohol and when you eat out we can help you to choose the right foods.

Will You Educate Me?

OH YES, the whole point of JJ8Elite is to not only drop some serious fat but teach you how to continue doing so and then maintain for life.

After 8 Weeks?

After your 8 weeks you will be armed with tools and knowledge that will enable you to either maintain your loss or continue the journey.

You also have the option of renewing your membership at a discounted price of £65 for a new 8 week programme or joining our Premier Lifestyle Membership Diet Plan, The Switch Plan, for only £20.00 a month.


“Personalised Diet Plans for people with jobs, families and social lives who want to eat great food and still get amazing results”

A Lifestyle based personalised diet, with the flexibility and freedom for family and socialising. Amazing fat loss results for people of all ages and ability, covering all food likes and dislikes and thousands of meal options and recipes to choose from. Plans updated monthly and with amazing support.

Membership has no contracts, notice periods or leaving fees. We also have a maintenance level at only £4.99 per month that members can move on to when they reach their goal.


LOSE FAT: Still live your life and be able to socialise. Your diet will work with you, not against. Hundreds of recipes with picture storylines/videos and complete flexibility in your food choices.

CONTROL: Learn new strategies to cope with sugar cravings, carb overloads and binging episodes.

SUPPORT: 24/7 support (by text) backed up by a FB Support Group, weekly videos and Friday Motivation posts.

EDUCATED: A complete education system to teach you how food works for you and your body and how to control it to get the results you want.

UPDATED: Each diet plan you receive has a small target weight loss on it. When you achieve that (usually 4 weeks) we update the plan to keep the weight coming off.

EXERCISE: Hundreds of workout instructions and videos to allow you to exercise regardless of your age, ability or goals. Exercise is optional.

This plan will deliver fat loss, fitness and improved health while allowing you to still enjoy life and keep your friends. If you need a diet that is less restrictive but still delivers results, this is for you.

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